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REC Solar Production Manufacturing Facility - Construction

11   /   03   /   2010

Fluor provided engineering, procurement, and construction management services for the Buildings and Infrastructure scope for Renewable Energy Corporation's (REC) manufacturing complex for production of wafers, cells, and modules in Singapore.

The project was recognized with the Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) 'Green Mark', indicating that the buildings meet criteria for energy efficiency, water efficiency, project development and management, good indoor environmental quality and environmental protection and innovation.

The new facility will allow REC to increasingly offer products that will compete with traditional, grid-based electricity. So far, about 1,500 employees have been employed by REC at the Tuas plants. The organization has demonstrated strong performance, targeting a competitive position in the industry by the end of 2011.

  • Wafers
    Wafer capacity is estimated at 740 MW.

  • Cells
    Cell capacity is estimated at 550 MW.

  • Modules
    The module capacity is estimated at 590 MW.

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